Advice Addressed to Alex

If you only knew how far your imagination could carry you…
You often hold it in,
would rather disclose it to your imaginary friend,
which is quite okay
because he will be with you ‘til the end.
Don’t save yourself all for him, though.
There will be a select few who will want to be let in. You know,
the people who are going to love you, look up to you in respect?
Considering I’m talking to someone who is more concerned
with losing toys from the toy chest, I’m sure that’s hard to understand.
Forgive me: Who am I to undermine?
You are mine.
We are each other.

Lonely and bored, sometimes you will feel like you’re in a damned purgatory
consumed with your own dreaded dilatory. 
Malaise will spread across your days
 like the mayonnaise on the sandwiches that Grandma serves with Lays.
Don’t be blinded by the haze; the path you were meant to tread has just begun,
and every moment is monumental.
And be nice to Grandma.

I know, there are things that you wish you could change.
I still do.
Just remember that vengeance is merely an entrance
to a mind frame not worth being mindful of.
Editing too much of somebody else only, in turn, edits your own life;
spending too much time on somebody else’s life
 only distracts you from fabricating your own view on things.
It’s okay to be disappointed with others,
but never let that time spent bring about your own disappointment.

I’m sure all of this may or not even sound true.
After all, you do not even know me.
But believe me, I know you.
Okay, enough of the patronizing.
Just be a kid.
As you grow up, though, please
don’t feel as if you have to outgrow yourself.

* * * * * * *

Who better to advise yourself
 than the person you see in the mirror with your own eyes?
What advice would you have for yourself as a kid?

The advice you have for who you were in the past
just may be exactly what you need to get back on track.


  1. man... a lot of things you said to yourself, I would totally say to my younger self as well. all together, I really did enjoy this... brought me to a place within, as I continued to read. well done Alex

  2. nice...who better to listen to than yourself...i think we are given the tools to make those wise choices within us and if we stopped and actually thought about them or advised ourself we would find ourselves in a much better place...cool write...

  3. i like the "letter" to yourself - always enjoying the honesty in your writing alex..and yes...If we only knew how far our imagination could carry us...

  4. This is just packed with wise tidbits and it's great that you share them us. We're all kids at heart. This is my first visit to your blog, Alex, and I'm impressed. Victoria

  5. Smart advice from one so young. Well written.


  6. Thank you, all. It's humbling to know that others can take something away from this.

  7. hi again alex...wishing you a lovely day..

  8. hey there alex, popping in on OLN...hope you are well....

  9. We need to write such letters to ourselves from time to time..

    a cross

  10. amazing letter, love the richness in your words.

  11. I agree that older is not always wiser. That's why we have to look to your inner child sometimes for the answers. Great poem / letter.

  12. above all young one..... be nice to your Grandmother..... She was once exactly like you, some day you will see that and be glad that you loved her and were friends..... There's so many things to deal with in life and it seems hard to take them all in at once. But over time you will find that these learning experiences are the best part of your life...... For instance, look at the pride you must have in this very well written poem...... Hang on to that felling because later, when you look back on this part of your life, that will be the same feeling you find then too......

  13. Good advice...and well-written too!

  14. awesome sentiments, wriitng is a way to communicate,
    good luck.

  15. Greetings,

    hope all is well,

    invite you to join poetry picnic today, simply share a relevant or a random piece, and enjoy!
    Happy Thanksgiving,
    Always, your presence is sunshine to us.
    Best Wishes!

    your talent rocks.