Rippling Effect

I recently told a friend 
I'd never like a song with that word in it ever again
But I quickly accepted defeat
Kept nodding my head to the repeating beats...
There was once a time when we were simply seeking peace
We were seemingly making progress in the process of deleting it
But now we're writing it in permanent ink
So we can see the words
Again & aggin
Now we're just going sdrawkcab
How did we let this happen?

Over the years tears & blood have been spent
Now it's a term of endearment
"Only WE can say it"
Despite all the pain
The double standards still remain
What a shame...

I did a little experiment to back up this vent
I heard it 75 times in Magna Carta*
Hidden, intertwined in Jay Z's rhymes
That got me thinking...
What about Biggie?
& Jeezy?
& Weezy?
& you can't forget Yeezus
Their choice of words has an impact on us
In all their fan's minds that word is just fine
I realized I was one of them
Rehearsing their verses
Again & aggin
Why is it so intriguing?

Maybe it's just me
But it seems like the same people who're angry it's still here
Are the ones who're actually keeping it relevant
It's pathetic how accustomed we are to these racial epithets
America, we've been conned
The entertainment industry has altered history
"Nigga" is now an accepted part of our lexicon

* Magna Carta is Jay Z's 12th studio album. To this date, 1,060,000 copies have been sold in the United States.