I turn into Gollum when I can't find my phone.
"Where is it? 
Where has it gone? 
The precious is lost!"
I get freaky like Frodo.
Seriously, I'm only half kidding.
It's pathetic how powerless I am 
when my phone is out of my sight.
A panic comes over me when it isn't in my hand, 
in my pocket or on my nightstand.
I can barely think,
can barely breathe.
It's even more ridiculous how relieved I am 
when I eventually find it. 
It's pitiful how powerful 
this device's vise is on my mind.
It reminds me to think sometimes, 
then causes me not to.
I rely on my phone to make me invisible
in waiting rooms & on buses. 
(Isn't it ironic how a device with so many connecting capabilities
can inevitably leave one feeling so disconnected?) 
I'm attached;
without it, I'm lacking, I feel naked.
This is definitely an obsession I must confront. 
If I don't establish some degree of moderation, 
I honestly believe this touch screen will leave me out of touch with reality. 
I'll be blind to the world beyond my news feed 
& deaf to the people within my vicinity. 

But, you know, I can't lie...
I know I can't let it go.
I know what must be done,
but I also know this battle of dependency will never truly be won. 
I must confront this obsession of mine... at some point in time.
The words of a procrastinating prophet always ring true.

- Sent from my iPhone