Fed Up

F**k you, cancer. I hate you.

For forcefully taking control
& instilling fear & helplessness into some of the bravest, strongest,
most generous people I'll ever know.
For making them & their families
adjust their lives to accommodate your repulsive,
dispicable presence.
For cutting lives short,
& forcing people to say their goodbyes way before  they want to,
way before they should have to.

F**k you, cancer. You sicken me.

What am I supposed to say to my hypochondriac friend
who just found out you have spread to his lymph nodes?
"Your worst nightmare is now your reality,
you must face it with dignity"?

F**k you, cancer. We have had enough.

Those who have died on your behalf did not "lose."
They will live on in the hearts & minds
of those they loved & were loved by.
They are heroes for having to endure what you put them through.
You may think you have won the battle thus far,
but mark my words,
you will lose this war.
You will have to answer to the atrocities you have committed,
& we will rid the world of your filthy existence.
You will be forgotten.

F**k you, cancer. You better watch your back.

Vengeance is coming.



A Drop in the Ocean

The ride up was arduous -
a royal (& literal) pain in the ass.
His legs & lungs burned,
gravity & momentum worked against him...
But he kept his head down,
kept pedaling, one breath at a time,
& he eventually reached the apex of his efforts,
the summit of his struggles.

A break in the trees revealed a sparkling sea beyond the bluff.
The reflecting sunshine gleamed in his eyes
as he looked out at a sailboat journeying onward,
toward a horizon of infinite possibility.

* * * * *

The bike ride up was daunting & exhausting,
but the struggle was worth the view from the top.
The immensity of the sea
shrunk all of his worries & problems
down to actual size.
Once he took the time to reflect & respect the summit he had climbed,
once he realized how small his place was in this brutal,
yet beautiful world,
& that we're all in this together...
it was all downhill from there.