Grandma 1 & 2

Even in the arms of her groom
Her eyes rested on the most attractive woman in the room
You see, conformity forced her to be the same
To live up to her name
Society said that success for a woman
Was determined by a ring & children
So she listened
She ignored the innate instinct within
She said “I do,” three times, had two kids
Of course, living a lie
She was never truly satisfied
Used, abused
She was losing herself

One day, she gathered up enough strength to walk away
She knew she couldn’t hide her true self anymore
So she decided to see what she was all about
Came out
& welcomed what the future had in store
Always working so damn hard just to blend in
She went on vacation
That was when they met
A remarkable relationship ensued as a result of that cruise
Her happiness began when she accepted her sexuality
Her happiness began when she met Patsy

* * * * * * *

I was seven when I realized my grandma was a lesbian
That friendly woman who was always with her
Was more than just a friend
Some wanted our bond to end
Wanted to keep me away because they were gay
“He doesn’t need to be in that environment”
“It’ll poison his mind, their life is a sin”
What toxic logic, to discriminate because of a harmless difference
Ironic how religion preaches love, but breeds hate

Thankfully my mom knew better than to let me grow up without them
Grandma Sue taught me to always look within
She’s wise, yet has the personality of a rebel
By watching her I learned how to listen
Her love for others, simply admirable
Patsy showed me the importance of curiosity
I sure discovered a lot on those treasure hunt walks
I called the things we found "clues"
I still do
Her dedication will always be an inspiration to me

There will always be opposition in regard to this predisposition
But, popular opinion is finally catching up with morality
At least in this sense
I mean, it only makes sense
To let people be who they were meant to be
& to let them legally love
whoever they want to be with forever

* * * * * * *

Earlier today, I heard her say
“You’ve always been my Cubman
Now I want you to be my ring bearer”
20 years after their serendipitous beginning
There will be a wedding
They’re still deciding on a date, but I couldn't wait
I had to write about it

Despite all that has tried to convince them otherwise
Their love has thrived
Grandma Sue, Patsy
Grandma 1, Grandma 2
I am so, so proud of you


  1. i'm glad your mom knew better than to let you grow up without her..sounds like you're having a fantastic relationship with your grandma...smiles

  2. Great that you get to have such a great bond with her, sounds like wonderful grandmother too.

    1. She really is. Thanks for stopping by, Pat.

  3. Wonderful poem. I truly hope you share it with them.

    1. I plan on doing just that. Thanks for reading, Yousei.

  4. nice...i am glad she eventually found herself instead of denying herself you know...and though that may not have been an easy path, she followed her heart....

  5. So happy she finally followed her heart...and so good to have been around a great love like that.

  6. This is beautiful - and would be a fitting tribute at their forthcoming celebrations.

  7. Alex, I love this poem! And the story of your grandmother. I am so glad for her and for you that you have each other, and glad for Patsy too. Yes, it definitely is time for love between lesbians and love between gays to be accepted and honored, and more and more this IS happening. I am glad that your mother did not keep you away!

  8. This is wonderful news Alex ~ You are lucky to have Grandma 1 and 2 ~ Your mother is a wise woman to nurture your relationship with both of them ~

    Cheers and thank you for the personal share ~


    1. I am so lucky. Thank you for stopping by, Grace. Cheers to you!

  9. You are very lucky to have a grandmother to grow up with and to bond with. This is such a joy in all lives to be able to share them with a grandmother. I finally lost my last grandma a few years back but in my memories is the happiness I shared with two grandmothers. Enjoy the time you have. Seems like they will last forever. If you have time here is my entry for this week. http://gatelesspassage.com/2013/02/04/mothers-love/

    1. I am a lucky grandson, that's for sure. Sorry for your loss, but I'm glad happiness can be found in those memories. Thank you for stopping by & commenting, Ann.

  10. I just love this, so many layers to it, such a powerful message, Alex, and so well written. The title is brilliant. What is more important than being true to yourself and finding love? Excellent piece. :)

  11. How lucky you were/are to have these people in your life, you what true love is all about. Love the line "ironic how religion preaches love but breeds hate" as I do the entire poem. Great write, Alex!

  12. Oh, this is wonderful, so heartwarming that you have maintained your bond with both of them. Congrats to them!

  13. Aww... this is so sweet. Congrats to Grandma 1 and 2... after all those years, finally!

    1. Yes, finally! Thanks for reading, Laurie.

  14. A lovely tribute to two special women. It doesn't matter who you love, the important thing is that you love. Thanks for sharing this thoughtful piece.

    1. Agreed. Thanks for taking the time to read my work, Ginny.

  15. Good to be ourselves. Tough, because many don't understand a few don't care to understand or don't care but in the end, again, always worth it to be true to oneself :)

    1. Yes, it's always worth it. Thanks for stopping by, Gretchen.

  16. Hey Alex,

    great narrative set: it has just the right vibe to make me smile and wish all concerned 'Good Luck' . . . you outline the whole really well and allow the reader in enough to care with a jaunty vibe that has a homourous streak but doesnt detract from the serious side.

    nice one! :)

    1. Thank you for the nice comment, Arron. Glad you enjoyed it.

  17. homourous WTF!!! :D tired typing for the fingerless! :D

  18. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by & reading my poem, Stan.

  19. congratulations to your family =)
    i hope it is a lovely day =)

  20. Congratulations to your grandmas and to the whole family! Such a beautiful narative!

  21. this had such genuine amazing insight and truthfulness. so touching. i liked "you've always been my Cubman" that so personal too.

    1. Thanks for the visit & the kind words.

  22. this so beautiful... thanks for allowing us to be witnesses to this love story.

  23. This is amazing and beautiful Alex. Gotta say - your blog is amazing.

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